From the recording Question Marks

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I don't understand
when you try to make me feel the worse is gonna end
today i don't feel ok
i don't need another voice screaming, jumping in my head
oh yeah, oh yeah

And you, yes i'm talking to you!
why do you have to make me feel it's so wrong to be blue
i'm sick of pretending i'm happy
just to make somebody else not screaming in my face
oh yeah, oh yeah

Let's be completely sad
we need to reach the bottom end

OK...why don't we go to the beach?
or a nice walk on the street
let's finish today with a smile and a beautiful memory

Now, why do you look at me that way?
There's no happiness without being a lot or little sad
now that i relax my brain
let's go to sleep 'cause tomorrow'll be the same
oh yeah, oh yeah.