Welcome parents!

I'm offering Children Music Classes (age 2-5) for interested groups of parents. The classes are filled with original songs I write, fun and active games to help teach the fundamentals of music and movement: Rhythm, Pitch and Melody!

They are currently on Zoom and this is the general outline of a class: 

  • Welcome song 
  • Movement song game 
  • Shaker song (either an original song or pop song to play along with) 
  • Scarf song (rhythm and movement- a fun piece of classical music) 
  • Drawing music game 
  • Clap & drum (either an original song or rock song to play along with) 
  • Lullaby 
  • Fairy Dust calming moment 
  • Goodbye song 


The classes are about 35 to 40 min and I tell the parents what to bring to the class ahead of time (a few little instruments and a fun bag- the instrument’s home- for clean up time!). 

I offer blocks of 8 classes (8 weeks) for $200 ($25 per class per child) or $30 for single classes.

Every class will have a minimum of 5 children. Older or younger siblings are welcome at no additional cost. 

If interested you can email me at eledinn@gmail.com.

I hope I get to meet your children and have fun playing and singing together!


About Elena:

Elena is a songwriter, singer, guitarist, and dedicated teaching artist currently in residence at U.C.L.A Recreation - Children Music Programs (0-5 years old). With over a decade of teaching experience, she has taught children music programs for preschoolers at ELAC - Child Development and at We Rock The Spectrum- Kids Gym. Her classes are filled with songs she writes and include fun and active games and exercises that help teach the fundamentals of music and movement: Rhythm, Pitch and Melody. 

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